Mobile Family Coaching

Camellia's Story

Sharon was the Mobile Family Coaching program's first coach. A Licensed Practical Nurse, she has worked with hundreds of patients, and to her, Camellia's story stands out.

Camellia enrolled in the program with Sharon's help in 2015, and hers is a story of tremendous challenge.

At Week 18 of her pregnancy, Camellia was already in labor, confined to days on end of bed rest. With calls and text messages, Sharon was able to give her much needed encouragement. At a time when the strongest among us would be terrified, Sharon helped her find focus. When little Adrian was born at 26 weeks gestation to Camellia and her partner, Adrian H., he was immediately rushed to the UAB Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), with lungs not fully developed. Today, 7 months later, he survives and is visited often by his family. Many times, they room in so that he can hear his mother's familiar voice, feel the strength of his Dad's arms, and learn to recognize the giggles of his big sister, Ivyanna, 6.

Adrian's dad is grateful to Sharon: "You hardly knew us, yet you made sure we had food, when we were focused on just getting gas to make the trip (to UAB)."

Camellia has been able to return to work, as Sharon continues to help her learn about caring for a special baby, looking forward to the day her son can come home.

Camellia's story has shown us how far encouragement can take a young mother and her baby. No matter how daunting the challenge, we can help.

Impact of MFC

Mobile Family Coaching offers clients a flexible approach to coaching. Using a proven curriculum, social workers and nurses work with clients using technology - from phone calls and text messages to Facetime chats and in-person meetings.

Coaches work with clients to develop parenting strategies, set goals, and establish habits that encourage a healthy lifestyle for mother and baby.

Clients may enroll up until their child's first birthday, and may have more than one child. Coaches meet in-person with clients, at the location of their choice, every 10 weeks. Additional visits take place remotely, by phone or other technology.

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