Nurse-Family Partnership

Marnechea’s Story

Kathy, a Registered Nurse and former Gift of Life “school nurse,” has been with the Nurse Family Partnership program since its inception in 2008. She has been touched by many clients, but one stands out as proof that, when we think we have had the least impact on someone, they often are the ones who have been touched the most.

When Marnechea learned she was pregnant, she knew that she wanted to be the best mother she could be, so she enrolled in the NFP program. Nurse Kathy would be visiting her throughout her pregnancy, until the baby was 24 months old.

During the pregnancy and again after little Ky-mani was born, life got busy, and visits fell routinely to a monthly basis. With only two months of visits left, some things dawned on Marnechea.

“At first I got frustrated with Nurse Kathy because I thought she was in my business.”

As the relationship grew Marnechea realized that Nurse Kathy was just encouraging her to plan for her future. Nurse Kathy encouraged her to think about developing a plan for having another baby. Marnechea decided to wait at least five years and focus on other life goals. Marnechea came up with a plan that worked for her. She has a plan and is sticking with it. She is now working full time and is enrolled is business school.

“The thing I like the best is that Nurse Kathy has helped me as a mother. She taught me that Ky-mani is a baby with his own personal space, and if I crowd him, it makes him anxious and fussy. She taught me to pay attention to his actions so that I can respond in the best way. I wanted Ky-mani to be smart. I have learned that reading and talking to him was very important for brain development. It must have worked because he was talking in sentences when he was 21 months old!

“Even though I cancelled visits, Nurse Kathy always came back with a smile. “She never gave up on me.”

Impact of NFP

In Montgomery since 2004, Nurse-Family Partnership is nationally recognized as the gold-standard in family coaching programs. Registered nurses work with clients to set goals for their physical, emotional and economic well-being.

The program accepts first-time mothers, who meet with their coach every two weeks in their home or another location.

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