Parents as Teachers

Tontiyana’s Story

Joanne, a master’s prepared social worker, hails from England and has enchanted our clients with her lilting British accent. We believe that more than one client has chosen to enroll with her – just to hear her talk!

Tontiyana was in the 9th grade, and “big, pregnant and hot,” she delivered a healthy daughter, Dr’shyia, that August. With no one in her family able to care for the baby, Tontiyana chose to stay at home with her baby and did not return to school that fall. But with Joanne’s guidance, this determined young mom found her way into a pilot online program in Montgomery Public Schools.

And what about that baby girl whose mother chose to spend those early weeks at home with her instead of placing her in commercial day care? She has exceeded all of her developmental milestones and, most of all, is a happy baby. Tontiyana has reconnected with Dr’shyia’s father, so this child spends time with both her parents and her paternal grandparents. Joanne continues to work with Tontiyana, who is very engaged in their visits, asking questions and proudly sharing news about what she is doing and achieving.

“In 7 short months, I have witnessed my client turn from a scared 15-year-old girl with minimal plans for her future, to a confident, loving, caring mother with set goals for her future,” says Joanne. “She is determined to succeed in school, determined to provide well for her daughter, and determined to be the very best parent she can be. I consider that success!”

Impact of PAT

Parents as Teachers is a nationally-recognized program to encourage and support parents and families. Social workers work with parents to set goals, develop strategies for parenting, and encourage emotional, social and physical well-being for baby and family.

Social workers meet with clients in their homes or another location of their choice every two weeks during the program. Clients may already have a child, and may enroll up until their child's first birthday.

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